20130415 Conley China Journal, Issue 2

Release date:2013-04-15

Accompanied by the recovery of all things and spring blossoms, the 2013 Spring Journal of the Conley magazine (the second issue) should also be released.

This spring issue -

[Special Planning] "Touching China", let us "fill your eyes with tears, and your heart is full of strength."

[Company News] We have our business research, our business results, and our latest trends to facilitate communication between the company and the company.

[Kang Lihua Concerns] Focus on the industry dynamics and show research priorities.

[Kang Lihua News] The report shows the company's internal dynamics and external activities.

[Kang Lihua Humanities] Have our life feelings and have our happy moments.

The successful publication of this internal magazine, thanks to colleagues for their active and serious participation, I believe that everyone has their own touch and harvest.

The internal magazine is our small “forum”. We welcome everyone to contribute and share their feelings and happiness in life, work and even travel!

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