Release date:2013-07-15

Years flow, send away some miss, welcome some surprises, bring some expectations.

In the fragrance of Xiahua's warm and full bloom, the Confucius Journal of the Summer 2013 (Total Phase 3) is on schedule.

This summer magazine -

[Special Planning] The panoramic view of the "5·25 expansion" highlights and the soul of the Conley Chinese.

[Kang Lihua Concerns] Concerned about the EU certification boom, milk powder new policy, PDA process verification...

[Kang Lihua News] Focus on China's advanced drug quality, global pharmaceutical value chain reconstruction...

[Kang Lihua Humanities] Respond to breathe and talk about Beijing, madness and madness talk about philosophy...

As always, thank you: Thank you for your enthusiastic attention and support, especially those who contributed their work and participated in the editing of the magazine.

As always, the magazine is our small “forum”. We welcome everyone to contribute and share their feelings and happiness in life, work and even travel!

In addition, the "Kanglihua Literature Award" is in the process of being released, so stay tuned!

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