“Kanglihua Public Welfare Fund” and “Public Welfare Activity Group” were formally established

Release date:2014-06-18

The company's cleaning staff could not continue to undertake the cleaning task because of family affairs. Under the initiative of Liu and his colleagues, under the mobilization organization of Yang Cong, the company's daily cleaning work was transferred to the “public welfare activity team” that the employees of the company volunteered to participate. The original cleaning fee will be paid to the charity activity group to establish the “Kanglihua Public Welfare Fund”, and the activity team will be responsible for planning, organizing and participating in social welfare activities. So far, Beijing “Kanglihua Public Welfare Fund” and “Public Welfare Activity Group” were formally established.

Up to now, colleagues who have volunteered to participate in the charity group have: Yang Cong, Liu Chunguang, Zhou Ling, Wei Ran, Hu Cuixia, Kang Chao, Lu Wei, and Wang Dongwei and Huang Yunke from the GMP and Engineering Department. Among them, Wei Ran and Zhou Ling have just been mothers and actively participated in this activity, which greatly encouraged the group members; the GMP and engineering colleagues traveled heavily, but Wang Dongwei and Huang Yunke actively participated in the company as long as they did not travel. Cleaning work is very moving.

Now, the financial management of the public welfare fund is handled by Yang Cong and Hu Cuixia, and the organization and implementation of public welfare activities are handled by Wei Ran and Lu Wei. The team will undertake the daily cleaning of the company's public areas, and the cleaning of the personal office area will be borne by the employees.

The charity group said that it hopes that the Kanglihua Public Welfare Fund will take root from this, and with the development of Kanglihua, through the various channels such as employee donations, corporate donations, etc., the scale of the fund will continue to grow, and it will be able to provide more people who need help. Help, and also open up a platform for employees and companies to understand the society, care for the society, and give back to the society.