Relive your dreams and reinvent yourself - the side event of the July theme

Release date:2014-07-28

If you have a chance to return to the age of students, what do you want to say to yourself?


Return to school

       Wednesday, July 9. On the afternoon of this day, we set off from the company downstairs and took the bus to the Youth Park Theme Estate in Huairou District, Beijing for a two-day theme of “Revisiting Dreams and Reinventing Oneself”.

       Youth Park is a theme hotel with a strong 80s primary and secondary school campus style. Entering the gate, the flagpole on the playground, the red scarf at the front desk of the hotel, the blackboard desk in the classroom, and the bunk beds in the dormitory... it seems to have returned to the original innocent age.

       Here, can we find the original dream?

       Mountain walk

       Free time from check-in to dinner. After the baggage was put down in the dormitory, the colleagues began to walk around the hotel in twos and threes. Sexually anxious, put down the luggage in the morning, walked on the road between the mountains; sports cells strong, gathered together in the playground to practice; not much love activities, sitting on the side looking at the sky; some side sighed " Here is innocent blue, while busy taking photos to send WeChat; some call to a friend, wondering if "I will come here next time"; some traced to the barbecue next to another playground staring at the grilling Roasted whole lamb DC saliva.

       Mr. Liu, who had an understanding of the surrounding area in advance, called a few colleagues who had not had time to arrange an event and rushed to the back of the hotel. It is said that there is an abandoned gold mine that has long since stopped mining. It is also said that they have a very serious discovery there... Did they find gold mines, or did they find gold or something? do not know. However, when the people came back, they danced. Zhang Lei and Dai Dan also held a large bouquet of mountain flowers, wild apples and raspberries. They gave their colleagues in June and July a huge surprise at the beginning of the dinner. (Early, I asked Liu, a colleague had a birthday, would you like to buy flowers? Liu always said with a mysterious smile, no, it will naturally be there.)

       Open air movie

       Night falls. After dinner, we went to the playground to watch the open-air movie. A movie screen has already been set up on the playground, looking around, reminiscent of the eighty or nine decades of the last century or even earlier.

       Playing a 20-year old film "Forrest Gump". Although I have seen it in the past, I have different feelings after each look. Westerners say that everyone has a Hamlet. I also said that everyone has an A-Gump.

       Everyone's life trajectory is there and unique. A-Gump, just listening to such teachings, stepped on the miracle of his own life step by step. From IQ, there are only 75 points and I have to enter special schools, go to rugby athletes, go to the Vietnam War heroes, go to the captain of the shrimp boat, and go to the United States. A-Gump has a congenital defect and has reached many people with intellectual integrity. It is also difficult to reach the height.

       In Forrest Gump, we saw loyalty, trustworthiness, perseverance, friendliness, and the excellent and valuable qualities of these humanities. We saw the persistence of life, the hope of life, and the firmness of faith. Because of this, ordinary life has an extraordinary life.

       Walking on foot

       At 6 o'clock the next morning, all the members set off - whether it was just getting up and still having some sleepy eyes, or getting up early in the middle of the night and not watching the game because of the bet of knowing what the outcome is (the World Cup semi-final live broadcast, Germany to the Netherlands), There are also early morning exercises and even a few empty herbs.

       On the mountain road eight kilometers away from the hotel, the bus dropped the crowd and then steadily drove away.

       Everyone started walking on foot. In the east, the sun is rising; in the south, the arrow can be seen in the Great Wall. At this time, the mountain breeze is refreshing, making people feel fresh inside and outside the body. Soon, because of the different speeds of walking, a group of people were naturally divided into four or five small groups. Some habitually played a competitive game, while others slowed down and began to enjoy the tranquility of the morning in the mountains, and some did not forget to look for the occasional fruit on the roadside trees. At the forefront, Zhang Lei, Huang Yunke, etc. began to chase after me; at the end, Kang Chao and Lu Wei all the way to gather colleagues who gradually fell.

       What are we going to do? I have thought about it for many days. Going, just to go, to go. Life is actually walking, this is a long journey. Whether you want to go or not, you have to go down and go to the end of your life. Since you have to go on, you have to get out of the glory, go out of your life, go to the light, and move toward the future. Only by keeping on going, can people be born richer and more meaningful. Walking is an experience, walking is also an attempt, walking is also a success, only by constantly moving forward, in order to have a full and fulfilling life.

       Dream return

       Return to our theme!

       What was our original dream? When we return to the school classroom in memory, can we recall the original dream? Have these dreams been reached now?

       If not, what is the reason for the deviation from the dream and the original intention? "It is sloppy and sloppy." Liu said.

       Treating life and treating work, we should live a wonderful life every day!

       Relive the dream, this is a journey of comprehension. The return of dreams will be a longer honing process.

       When we are old and returning to the end of our lives, if we can have nothing to regret about yesterday, then we have a very successful life.