Company customer Ningxia Jinwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully obtained vitamin B12 COS certi

Release date:2016-02-16

Under the guidance of the Kanglihua Data Registration Department, Ningxia Jinwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the vitamin B12 COS certificate on January 28, 2016. Vitamin B12 is a product obtained from a fermentation process. Its impurity research is extremely complicated compared to common chemical synthetic drugs, and there are only total miscellaneous control items in the EP monograph. No specific impurity control items are given, so the product standard is given to the customer. The formulation has increased the difficulty! Based on the actual situation of the customer's products, Kanglihua Consulting has adopted a new alternative research method in the certificate application process, avoiding the research route required by the EDQM official, thus saving customers at least 100,000 research costs and 1 year of valuable time. !

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