Public Training

With many years of practical experience and special insights on drug administration regulations and professional technology, Kanglihua comprehensively sorts out the difficulties of domestic and international pharmaceutical administration and health product regulations and the general concerns of pharmaceutical companies in registration and GMP practice. In-depth analysis, development and formation of a series of excellent open courses popular with the majority of pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions. Moreover, Conley will continue to supplement and update the curriculum according to changes in regulations and technology to ensure the practicability, currentity and authority of the courses.

Conley's open class is for the whole society, including not only domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and government regulatory staff, but also students and other interested parties.

Conley has set up a large number of interactive sessions in the relevant training courses, focusing on the general issues, and not forgetting the actual problems faced by the company. Conley will announce its annual training plan in advance, indicating its course content, lecturer, location and timing.

You only need to pay attention to Kanglihua's official website information (, and you can participate in the registration and payment in advance according to the specified method and charging standard.

If you have a course other than our course plan list, please edit the E-mail subject as “Supplementary Course” and explain your course requirements in the text (including the required course content, time, number of trainees, etc.), and you. Detailed contact information (including name, work unit, position, contact address, zip code, telephone, fax, email address, etc.) will be sent to, we will promptly reply to confirm relevant information, try our best to arrange relevant course.