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Quality Platform
Integrated platform for GMP-based total quality management design (B/S architecture)
Overall Quality Platform
R&D Management
R&D ManagementRDMS/ELN

Our service covers all business related to scientific research: including project management, progress management, electronic experimental record book (ELN), prescription design, scientific research commissioning, test management, scientific research results, scientific research process query, scientific research resources management, which can realize the scientific and standardized management of scientific research and testing technology, and comprehensively improve the overall level of enterprise scientific research.

Lab Management
Lab ManagementLIMS/LES

Covering all QC-related operations, including test plans, sampling plans, monitoring plans, samples, test items, test methods, test execution (LES), quality standards, test records / reports management, can be completed including raw and auxiliary materials, internal and external packaging materials, finished / semi-finished products, environmental, utility systems, verification testing, commissioned testing and all other laboratory-related operations. It can fully optimize laboratory management, significantly improve laboratory efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce inspection costs and improve quality control.

Quality Management
Quality ManagementQMS/DMS/TMS

It covers all QA-related operations, including document management (DMS), training management (TMS), quality event management (e.g. deviations, changes, CAPA, non-conformity events, customer complaints), self-inspection management, risk management, quality review and analysis, quality warning, supplier management, etc.; it enables full-frame management of GMP quality elements.

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