Pharma Information
Mfg. Platform
Integrated platform for GMP-based total quality management design (B/S architecture)
Total Production Management (TPM) platform
Production Management
Production ManagementMES/EBR
It covers all production-related operations, including production planning, scheduled production, electronic batch record (EBR), energy management, equipment management, and safety management, realizing a paperless management process, enhancing data accuracy, integrity, and authenticity, enabling deviation-based batch record audit and release, ensuring compliance with drug production, and helping companies achieve cost reduction and efficiency gains with fewer inputs.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse ManagementWMS
It covers all warehousing-related operations, including inbound, outbound, warehouse transfer, inventory transfer, and virtual warehouse management, and provides a comprehensive management system for batch management, material correspondence, inventory count, and just-in-time inventory management, etc. It focuses on helping customers and clients effectively control and track the entire process of logistics and cost management in warehouse operations, and realizing or improving enterprise warehousing information management. The system can be used independently for inventory operations or in combination with other systems for documents and vouchers to provide a more complete logistics management process and management information.
Equipment Management
Equipment ManagementEAM
It covers all business related to equipment management: including equipment asset and technology management, equipment documentation management, equipment defect and accident management, preventive maintenance, maintenance planning and scheduling, work order generation and tracking, spare parts and accessories management, maintenance costing, defect analysis, and statistical reports.
Data Acquisition
Data AcquisitionSCADA
It can support a variety of standard industrial communication protocol data access, to achieve continuous data acquisition, storage, process monitoring and control of workshop production process, to achieve centralized monitoring and safe operation of production process.
Energy Management
Energy ManagementEMS
Based on the mathematical model of the control object, the functional components of model identification, model predictive control, model self-correction, expert knowledge base and online optimizer can be integrated to realize the optimal control of system predictability, and implement steady-state economic optimization, so as to improve the intelligent management and control level of energy and environment system in pharmaceutical plants.
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