Testing Execution
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Testing Execution

Canny has set up a very experienced testing execution team that can provide comprehensive testing execution and validation related consulting services to our customers.

We can support you by sending a qualified team to your site to carry out all the outsourced testing activities from risk assessment, protocols drafting, testing execution, report generation and deviations investigation during the testing procedure.

Based on our rich consulting experience, Canny can also support you by providing professional consulting service for your validation project and assist you during deviation investigation and handling procedure.

Our Services
  • All-rounds validation protocols

    HVAC (hepa leak detection, air volume, anemoscope, pressure difference, humiture, clean-down capability, airflow pattern, particles, airborne microbe, settling microbe, surface microorganisms, etc.), pharmaceutical water sampling, pure steam quality test (dryness, overheat value, non-condensable gas), condensate water sampling, process gas, water and oil detection, particle microbial detection, etc.

  • Fluid equipment
    CIP and SIP test for fermentation tank and dispensing tank, Mixing uniformity test, Temperature control test, Spray coverage test, etc.
  • Sterilized equipment

    Steam sterilization (vacuum leak test, BD test, Temperature distribution test, Penetrating Test, microorganisms challenges, etc.), Dry heat sterilization cabinet, tunnel oven, water-immersing sterilization cabinet, etc.

  • Sterilized formulation equipment

    Unpacking machine, bottle cleaning machine, canning machine, lyophilized machine, capping machine, etc.

  • Temperature control equipment

    Refrigerator, ultra-low temperature freezer, CO₂ incubator, constancy chamber, cool store, cold storge, incubator, etc.

  • Cleaning equipment

    BSC (biologicao safety cabinet), clean bench, isolator, etc.

  • Cleaning & disinfect

    Sample recovery test, disinfection effect verification, sanitation fumigation verification, etc.

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